My passion for photography developed in high school (I was a yearbook photographer) and then re-emerged on family trip to Gujarati over 15 years ago, inspired by the vibrant colors and fiery emotions I saw everywhere around me.  Subtle beauty in everyday moments drive my work and I hope to capture the most authentic and real parts of those in front of me. I enjoy being challenged and problem solving when light is dim or a space isn't as colorful or scenic as imagined. I've learned over the years that I sometimes get my best shots in the least likely places so it's more a matter of expanding my eye than my space or gear (though these things do help). Though I'm mostly self-taught, I have taken several classes in portraiture, digital technique, and still life through The Museum of Fine Arts in SLC, The School of Visual Arts in NYC, and the New England School of Photography. 

As with my clinical work, I don't necessarily want a "niche" clientele and have valued working with a diverse array of people over the years and adapting/mastering shooting in different settings. I started my professional career in 2010 shooting weddings, which I almost exclusively did for about ten years. I have had the pleasure of shooting good friends' weddings in Big Sur and the Adirondacks, gay weddings on the Cape, Cambodian ceremonies, all rituals tied to Hindu and Muslim ceremonies, rustic/outdoor weddings in NH/VT, and all those that take place inside beautiful urban spaces--favorites have been the Boston Museum of Science and Providence Public Library. 

Since starting a life and family in Cambridge these past few years, I have dedicated more time and focus to lifestyle photography and now almost exclusively capture families + newborns (with one or two very small weddings or elopements each year). Photographing the same family over different stages of their lives has been a true highlight these past few years as I get to build relationships and freeze the changes through my work. The lifestyle approach also allows me to indulge my creative side and focus on uniquely capturing the emotions between people, which is a great complement to my other job. 

In addition to being a photographer, I'm a clinical psychologist, licorice addict, ceramist, indie film lover, VISIONS consultant, avid traveler, and a partner to a truly amazing man who also juggles multiple careers while we raise our two adorable daughters.