How would you describe your style as a photographer? 

Colorful, emotional, artistic, and candid. My favorite pictures are bursts of pure joy and laughter. I tend to prefer "up close" shots that capture facial expressions vs. landscape shots where family members are in the distance. Each session, I come with some pre-planned suggestions for poses but also allow family members to interact and play together in ways that are most natural for them. I can be either hands off or active in helping you with different poses. 

Why should I hire you or what do you think is important in choosing a photographer? 

In addition to loving my portfolio, I want you and your kids to be comfortable with me and I try my best to connect with your kids during a session! I like to think of myself as a conscientious and empathic person (I'm also a psychologist, so these traits are a heavy part of my day job and my values). Since I only take 35-40 sessions a year, I come to each session with a genuine excitement and plenty of creative reserve! Also, I'm a mom of two little girls and I understand everything that comes with parenting, including the chaos, tenderness, and moments of rage! I also strive to make every family feel accepted during a session, no matter what mood your kids are in (or you for that matter) or what outfits you did not manage to get them in that day. I prefer capturing all the imperfect and spontaneous moments more than flawless moments of composure. Families who hire me time and time again do so because they trust me to capture their family in their true form, appreciate my speedy turn around, and because we genuinely like and care for each other! 

My kids are likely not going to do you handle these moments? 

Almost every family with young kids worries their children will not cooperate the day of or will be in a bad mood or have a tantrum! This is NORMAL and might happen! One thing I often tell parents during these hard moments is "it's okay, let them sit on the side, run around, or look at the grass for a bit." I expect for some portion of the time (or even the majority), your kids will not want to try out a suggested pose or look into the camera with their most natural smiles. I recommend parents avoid trying to repeatedly cajole or stress themselves out when kids choose to do their own thing - strive to keep the mood calm and fun! As an experienced photographer who has done many sessions with animated and willful children, I can confidently say taking their lead and indulging their natural curiosity will help us in taking advantage of key moments where they are just where they need to be and I can snap away! To date, I have yet to not get a handful of amazing pictures per session, even if a child is not in the mood to get their picture taken that day!

Do you only do sessions around sunrise and sunset? What about on overcast days? 

Yes! For outdoor sessions, light makes the world of a difference in image quality and I only work 90-30 minutes before sunset in order to ensure you get the most vibrant pictures! Also, unless it is raining, I do not cancel sessions just because the sun is not out. Overcast and cloudy days produce a nice even light, which is sometimes more ideal for family sessions as we do not need to worry about the angle of the sun, shadows, or overexposure!

How do I book you?

I usually book outdoor family sessions 4-6 months in advance! I often reserve some weekday blocks for the last minute Fresh 48 or newborn sessions as well so these can be booked very last minute. Email me to check available dates! It's always useful to get info about your availability first in terms of weekday or weekend preferences, best dates for you, and also if you already have a specific location in mind (suggested locations can be found through the investment page). After we secure a date, I'll email you an invoice for the deposit ($100 to reserve your date), lifestyle contract, and a brief questionnaire so I can get to know more about you, your family, and what is most important for me to capture during the session. The balance for sessions will be due two days before the scheduled date. 

How do I book a mini session? 

If you are willing to travel to Cambridge or live here, I can book these fairly last minute as it's no sweat off my back to travel a few minutes to one of the locations suggested in the investment tab! I actually love doing these on weekdays as it gives me a 30 minute break from my kids during golden hour (haha). 

How soon can I see the pictures? 

I LOVE editing just as much as enjoy taking pictures. I'm always really excited to see images from a session immediately after so I usually make sure my evening is empty so I can jump straight into editing! About 90% of the time, I deliver fully edited galleries 1-2 days after a session and because I do not have separate packages, you get every image that I think is good (so often, I deliver 100+ for full family sessions). About 75% of my images are edited in color and 25% are in black and white. 

Do you only include digital images in your packages? What if I want to order prints or other print products? 

I keep my business model very simple and focus just on shooting + editing! When you receive your private online gallery of images, you'll have the option to directly buy all sorts of prints, canvases, and other products through various labs, including but not limited to Mpix and fotoflot (both labs I personally use for my family photos)!

How does payment work? 

I take full payment 48 hour prior to the session date and time. If clients book months ahead of time, there is an option to pay a $100 deposit at the time of booking and then the full balance fee 48 hours prior to the session date. If you book within two weeks of your session date, you are expected to pay the full fee. I take payments via venmo or zelle, with the option of paying via credit card with a 5% convenience fee added onto the final balance. I have a contract in place to document the agreement, including how I give refunds in the event of cancellations or other unexpected changes, and I will also send a receipt of payment. Many other photographers require a session fee to book and then allow clients to purchase a separate package of their choice after photographs are previewed. Given I keep my business model simple and deliver every image I think is good, you are essentially paying for what would be my most expensive package if I had a model where clients only chose 10, 30, or all images, hence, I take full payment before the session. If you'd like to preview a few full galleries, please email me and I'd be happy to send along several examples.