Artful + Vivid Lifestyle Photography

Hello! I'm a Cambridge MA based family + newborn photographer. I believe the most beautiful and honest moments are found in the ordinary. I value capturing all those spontaneous interactions between family members that depict the truth of these fleeting moments. I am diligent about documenting my own children's lives and looking at pictures of them (and the few I have with me in them) never loses its emotional punch as these images remind me that everything changes so quickly, even week by week. I hope to give families a set of pictures they can hold tight to amidst all the fast changes. I love editing just as much as shooting (if not more) and my style emphasizes bold colors and rich textures. I clear my schedule in the days following a session to dive into post-processing, which allows me to deliver every image I think is great typically within a few days - no separate packages! Please read this blog post to determine if we'd be a good fit and get in touch if you'd like to chat or book a session.

I value equity and offer a limited number of pro bono and sliding scale sessions to historically excluded and lower income families every year. Please inquire for more details. 

Proud Gujarati American | Black Lives Matter Supporter | LGBTIQ + Ally | Copyright Sejal Soham Photography 2023