Artful + Vivid Lifestyle Photography

Hello! I'm a Cambridge MA photographer specializing in family + newborn photography serving the greater Boston area. My passion for photography re-emerged during a family trip to Gujarat over 12 years ago, inspired by the loud colors and fiery emotions I saw everywhere around me. I started my career in 2010 primarily shooting weddings and now I almost exclusively capture families. My favorite images are moments of pure joy and tenderness! Given photography is my very part passion job, I keep my business model simple and only book 45 sessions per year.  Since I love editing just as much as shooting (if not more), I clear my schedule in the days following a session to dive into post-processing, which allows me to deliver every image I think is great within a few days - no separate packages! My editing style emphasizes bold colors and rich textures. Please get in touch if you'd like to chat or check my availability!

I value equity and offer a limited number of pro bono and sliding scale sessions to historically excluded and lower income families every year. Please inquire for more details. 

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