Are We A Good Fit? || Family Photographer in Boston

June 13, 2022

Once you narrow down a few photographers whose style you like, including mine, you decide to reach out! Deciding you want to work with me is not as easy as my price fitting your budget and having our logistics line up. Since I only take a handful of family sessions each year and photography isn’t my main bread and butter job, I want to make sure we are a good fit! Before you book me, I’d love for you to read this post and decide if I’m the person to document your family, if not, no problem at all, I’d be happy to recommend other talented photographers in the area. So what do I think would make us a good fit? Here are six key things to consider in lining up expectations: 

1. You want a more candid style vs. traditional portraits. I do not do school or studio type photos where everyone is sitting politely and smiling straight into the camera. Sure, I can try to get a few of these shots if everyone is on board, but if not, you would be happy with images of your whole family laughing or in motion! Arlington Massachusetts Family Photography Arlington Massachusetts Family Photography Arlington Massachusetts Family Photography 2. You are a flexible and laidback person. Let me be honest, I’m not the most “high end” or “in demand” photographer in the Boston market. There are plenty of crazy talented photographers who cater to their clients every wish and invest a lot of time making sure clients get exactly what their predetermined vision dictates. Though what you want is very important to me, I also expect you to be open minded with however your session unfolds. I want you to choose me because you trust and love my work and would be happy to get whatever authentic moments come out of the hour. I always appreciate clients who tell me “we trust you, we love your general style…happy to see what happens.”  3. You aren’t afraid to get active! Family sessions come with a lot of playing and exploring. This might mean a willingness to sit in a field of tall grass, get some mud on your shoes as we walk through some unexpected terrain, or jump in a puddle if one happens to be in front of us! I of course do not expect you to get totally muddy or wet, but a few sprinkles of mud and water never hurt anyone if it's something your kids really want to do!  4. Your outfit style is more casual than formal. Since most of my sessions are outdoor lifestyle session, clothing that allows for running, playing, and general motion is a lot better than outfits that make it hard to do these things, such as formal dresses, heels, or suits.  5. You care more about connecting with your kids/partner and want your photos to reflect these moments. This one is VERY important. If you feel you’re more focused on making sure your kids do not misbehave or follow directions than you are with playing or engaging them, we may not be the best fit. Most families who choose to work with me want images where they can say "this is totally us."   6. You appreciate artsy + creative images! One of my favorite things about family photography and one reason I continue to do it is to indulge my more artistic side. I appreciate those images that sometimes reflect a street photography approach. 


Boston is full of amazing, talented, and incredible photographers. It’s important to take your time and find a photographer whose style, package, philosophy, and personality match your needs. I might be that person, or I may not be. I’ve found that once you find a good fit, your relationship with your photographer can last long after your kids are out of the house and this is by far one of the biggest perks for me – I’ve been doing family photographer for almost six years now and will be working with some families for the 5th year in a row this year. Seeing the same set of kids go from toddlers to elementary schoolers (and hopefully high schoolers) is by far one of the most fun and exciting parts of this job for me!


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